Washer Repairs in Tampa- Tips for Taking Care of Your Washer

How to Take Care of Your Washer

Your washing machine does a lot for you, day in and day out, and when you think about it, a lot rides on how clean your clothes are- job interviews, school photos, job performance reviews, dates, parties, and social interactions just to name a few!  You owe a lot to your washer, and like any appliance, you need to take care of it and show it some TLC now and then to keep it running smoothly. A little bit of upkeep goes a long way, and some preventive care now can save on washer repairs in Tampa down the road. So here are a few simple tricks to try before you need to call in the experts in appliance repair from Tampa, Florida. Dichristopher Appliance Repair is here to help you with all of your washing machine repair and maintenance needs!

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Deep cleaning.

Does it ever feel like your clothes are not getting as clean as they once were? Or do you smell some odor coming from your washing machine? If you said yes to either one of these, the time for a deep clean has come! You can buy special washer cleaning pods or solutions or you can find homemade recipes to make your own. Add in the cleaning solution and run a hot wash cycle, then run a full wash and rinse cycle to clean everything out. Your next load should be cleaner and smell better. If not, or if you start noticing problems again fairly quickly then call in the experts for some help with appliance repairs in Tampa, Florida or the surrounding areas. You also need to use the cleaning time as an opportunity to inspect other areas of the washing machine you may not necessarily want to clean with water- hoses, electrical wires, attachments, control panels, knobs, and other components that can suffer wear and tear over the years.

Keep the door open.

Here’s a big step most people do not know about, but that can save you from having to call in someone for washer repairs in Tampa. You’re supposed to leave the lid or door of the washer open after you empty every load until you run your next one. Why? Even after a cycle finishes and the clothes are out, there is moisture in the washer and when the lid is closed the moisture and humidity can build and lead to issues of rust, mold, and odor problems. This is especially true in Florida, where the heat and humidity are bad enough already without trapping it inside your machine! So, keep the doors open when you can save on wear and tear, but if moisture and humidity start to take its toll, call in the experts- Dichristopher Appliance Repair will be there in a jiffy to help you with any repair or maintenance needs you may have!

Clean spills.

Many homeowners have been guilty of this mistake. We are busy and in a rush and don’t always get to things when we should or the best we should with our repair and maintenance routines. Appliance repair in Tampa, Florida comes down to taking care of your appliances and treating them right. To avoid a lot of washer repairs, Tampa residents must stay on top of cleaning spills and keep their washing machine looking its best. If you spill anything on your washer, you should clean it up right away- never let it sit and dry on the machine! Most washer tops today have a porcelain enamel or a synthetic enamel finish which is easily damaged by corrosives like ammonia or bleach and dried on sticky substances like soap and detergent can end up breaking the finish off when you try to clean it off at a later time. Believe it or not, the finish is for more than just aesthetics! The surface finish provides a place for you to fold clothes and stack the laundry and keep your newly washed clothes clean.

Wipe it down.

The washing machine needs to be cleaned inside and out at least once a week with a good wipe down. It’s important to keep the washer clean and looking good, just as you would any other surface within your home. Anything really can work for the outside surfaces so long as it is not corrosive- baby wipes, soft cloth with warm soapy water, mild window cleaners, or other sprays are all good choices.  Don’t forget the inside of your washer! Many washer repairs in Tampa are needed as the result of corroded inner parts or damage done to the inside of the machine, much of which is caused by neglect and buildup of dirt, grime, and other nasty stuff. For the best in appliance repair, Tampa, Florida residents and homeowners can do a lot themselves, but when they need to call in the professionals, Dichristopher Appliance Repair is here to help! Washer repair in Tampa is easier when you have the expert team on your side and you know what to do to protect your washing machine day in and day out!

Avoiding costly washer repair work.

A little bit of upkeep is good for any appliance in your home and it can help you avoid a few of those washer repairs in Tampa throughout the life of your washing machine. Dichristopher Appliance Repair is here to help you with all of your washing machine repair and maintenance needs!  Appliance repair in Tampa, Florida has never been easier!


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