Every homeowner has experienced a problem with various household appliances. Refrigerators give out, dishwashers simply give up, and most of all, clothing washers and dryers break down. That’s because they’re the hardest-working items you have in your house. This takes some of the burdens off of you, allowing you to take care of other family necessities, but it can be rough on the units.

When the need for washing machine repair or dryer repair arises, however, it can put an atrocious amount of strain on your bank account. But A Dichristopher Appliance Repair is the one to call when you need someone to fix a washing machine or dryer in Tampa or the Tampa Bay area.

Common Problems and Warning Signs You Need Washer Repair

Here are some of the indications that a call to the washer repair service is in order:

  • The washer’s noisy. The problem could be a rattling pump motor, a squealing belt, or worn tub bearings. If the washer’s making a grinding noise, call our washer repair technician immediately.
  • The washer doesn’t drain properly.
  • The washer fills slowly or doesn’t fill at all.
  • The washer won’t stop filling.
  • The washer is filling and draining at the same time.
  • There’s no hot or cold water.
  • The machine won’t agitate or spin.
  • The washer leaks.
  • The machine won’t start.
  • The machine shakes and moves.
  • The lid or door won’t open.
  • There’s a burning smell.

When You Don’t Need Washer Repair

Eager as we are to serve you, we don’t want you to waste money on an unnecessary service call. Before you contact a Tampa washer repair service, do the following:

  • Make sure the power cord is plugged in. Without electricity, nothing will happen.
  • Make sure the circuit breaker that supplies electricity to the power cord is turned on.
  • Make sure you’re not overloading the machine. This can prevent it from cleaning clothes as well as you expect.
  • Make sure you’re not using too much detergent. This too can keep the washer from working as well as it should.
  • Make sure you’re washing pet-related items separately. Otherwise, other items may not emerge from the wash as clean as they should.
  • Make sure you don’t simply have an unbalanced load. An unbalanced load automatically stops the spin cycle.


As those of us know who live in a large house here in Tampa or the Tampa Bay area, cohabitating with many children and a spouse to boot, we’ll need to do lots of laundry for the rest of our lives. When your washer or dryer breaks down, our expert technicians will fix them to work as well as they did when they were new. Gone are the days of dingy colors and dull whites. A washer that is working properly will provide you and your family with fresh, clean clothes that maintain the nice, fresh scent that comes from your laundry detergent and fabric softener.

If you are having problems with the wrinkle-free feature of your drying unit, the repairman will get that functioning properly as well, restoring the most convenient method of doing your laundry. And the washing machine repair will save you the substantial sum you might otherwise have spent on purchasing a new unit or set.

It’s important to know, however, that the age of either unit can determine how repairable the machine can be. If the broken parts are no longer being manufactured, it may not be worth it to fix a washing machine. It is probably the best option to consider the purchase of another unit, either a brand new one or a used one in quality working conditions.

The best part of taking advantage of washer and dryer repair in Tampa Fl is the fact that the best of the best are in the area. We will give you the best service, which results in the optimal end result. By consulting a professional in the Tampa Bay area regarding the repairs your washer and dryer may need, you are going to lessen the amount of detergent and fabric softeners used while getting clothes much cleaner and softer than before the repairs or replacement.

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In conclusion, conduct thorough research into the best washer and dryer repairs in Tampa FL, and you will surely find that A Dichristopher Appliance Repair is the best. Contact us, and you can build a long-lasting, trustworthy relationship you can depend on. You will have the precise services required for any appliance at the exact time you need it, and you will be thrilled with the results.

Check into appliance repair services, particularly washer and dryer repair services, today. Go online and read the reviews to verify we’re Number One. You will be glad you did, and so will the friends you share the information with.