Frequently Asked Questions

Select one of the above questions to find out it’s answer. If you have additional questions regarding repairing your appliances, please contact us HERE..


We only have a small service charge if you do not have a repair after our technician has come to your home and diagnosed your appliance issue and you choose not to have it repaired. If you have a repair done then the service fee is not charged and you just pay for the repair quoted.

On most days we can offer same day service but there may be some days were we get extremely busy and we may have to offer next day service.

Our technicians work a half day on Saturday to accommodate those working people who cannot schedule during the week. (no extra charges for Saturday service)

Sorry, we do not provide evening service hours.

Yes, all repairs are guaranteed. Call for details.


We can clean a small dryer vent that vents out through the side of the home. We can also clean out the inside of the dryer itself.
If the vent goes up through the roof or under the ground we will refer a professional vent cleaning service.

We do not have a store front to sell parts from. We are a "service only" company.

No we do not buy or sell appliances. We just provide Appliance repair services.

We do not charge hourly. We work on flat rate pricing based on the parts prices and the labor charge is based on how big the job is which is quoted at the time of repair. No matter how long the job takes, our price is guaranteed.

No. You will not pay extra if we do not have the part in our truck. Most job are finished the first time out though.

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