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Looking for a refrigerator repair?

Science and technology have made our lives much easier, and they are still making new changes and bringing new inventions to make our lives even easier and more stress free. One such invention is the refrigerator.

Two basic elements make up the heart of a refrigerator or freezer. These are the condenser coil and the evaporator coil. A compressor and motor circulate liquid coolant through the coils. The condenser cools the liquid, and it then travels on to the evaporator, where contact with the coil containing it cools the air inside the unit.

A frost-free refrigerator adds a heater to melt frost. A timer controls the heater, and after the heater switches off, the thermostat turns on a cooling cycle.

A capacitor-type motor drives the compressor. Other components include thermostats, switches, condensers, heaters, and fans.

This machine has helped us a lot by keeping our edibles fresh and healthy for days. But to keep our drinks and food items fresh and healthy, the refrigerator must be kept in a good working condition. Unfortunately, it is often hard to detect a not so well maintained refrigerator.


Refrigerator repair in Tampa and Tampa Bay


Early Warning Signs that You Need Refrigerator Repair

The very first indication for a poorly performing refrigerator is when the food items are not getting the necessary temperature to remain fresh and healthy. If you detect this, then a refrigerator repair is imminent.


Here’s a more comprehensive list of ailing refrigerator warning signs, some obvious, some less so, along with the possible causes:

    • The refrigerator won’t start at all. The problem may lie with the temperature control or the compressor overload relay.
    • The refrigerator is too warm. Sometimes the air inlet damper is at fault.
    • Both the refrigerator and the freezer are too warm. In this case, your refrigerator repair technician will check the defrost timer, defrost heater, defrost thermostat, and the evaporator fan motor.
    • The fridge is too cold. In this case, the fridge repairman will start by checking the air damper and thermistor.
    • The freezer’s too cold. Once again, the problem could be the air damper or the thermistor.
    • The light doesn’t come on when you open the refrigerator door. Perhaps the problem is as simple as a burnt out bulb, but it could also lie in the wiring that connects to it.
    • The refrigerator doesn’t dispense water. The water inlet valve and/or dispenser actuator may need attention.
    • The ice maker stopped making ice. The refrigerator repair technician will check the water fill tubes, water inlet valve, and the ice maker itself.
    • The refrigerator runs too long. This could be because of a defective defrost timer or thermostats.
    • The refrigerator leaks. The problem could be a worn out door seal or a faulty water inlet valve.
    • The fridge is noisy. The possible causes include the evaporator fan motor in the freezer and the condenser fan motor in the bottom of the refrigerator.
    • The refrigerator door sweats. The refrigerator repair technician will check the door gasket, seals, and hinges.

Schedule a Refrigerator Repair

Scheduling an appointment with a refrigerator repair service in Tampa or the Tampa Bay area as soon as possible is an essential thing to do. You don’t want to have to throw away food items. You paid good money for them. Call us as soon as you find that your food items are defrosting. It’s advisable to transfer your food and drink items to a much cooler place like an ice box or another refrigerator or a freezer while you wait for your fridge repair.

It is not recommended to do refrigerator repair on your own unless you are an experienced appliance repair person. Do not try to fix a refrigerator just to save on the fridge repair cost as you may put it in a worse condition or even harm yourself.

Electrical standards must be met and considered by an experienced, licensed appliance repair technician. Failure to discharge the capacitor, for example, can result in a harmful electric shock. Before you attempt to repair any appliance like a refrigerator yourself, please call A Dichristopher Appliance refrigerator repair service. You’ll be pleased to know that with the affordable refrigerator repair cost and service provided by a qualified, fully licensed and insured appliance repair technician, your refrigerator will be fixed if at all possible. If not, you can purchase one of ours at an affordable price.

Refrigerator Preventative Maintenance

Taking preventative measures of your appliances, including your refrigerator and freezer, can help extend the life of your appliances. Just like your car or lawn mower, servicing your appliances on a regular basis ensures that you will get longer and oftentimes more efficient use of the electricity that runs them. A refrigerator that is not maintained properly may consume more electricity as compared to a properly performing refrigerator, and eventually, broken refrigerator seals, bad thermostats, and dirty vents can all cause your refrigerator to break down.

As a family owned and a well operated business, we understand how important it is to obtain good quality appliance repair services  at the most affordable price. We’re the favorite appliance repair resource of Tampa Bay! Join us on Facebook and see what others are saying about our refrigerator and appliance repair service.

Refrigerator Repair Fact: Did You Know?

You should not run frost-free refrigerators with freezer compartments in unheated areas with air temperature below 60 degrees F unless they are specially designed for this use. Air temperature that falls below 60 F will cause the compressor to run in a less effective manner. This will allow the temperature in the fridge compartment to maintain enough cold for fresh food, but it will not allow the temperature to be cold enough in the freezer to keep food items fresh and healthy. At air temperatures below 40 F, the compressor stops running, so the freezer compartment rises to air temperature and the food defrosts and spoils.

A DiChristopher Appliance Repair Tampa Bay

Call A Dichristopher’s to schedule a service call for refrigerator repair service at your Tampa or Tampa Bay area home or business. During our service call, we will be happy to inform you as to how to prolong the life of your refrigerator, freezer, and other appliances. Costly repairs can oftentimes be avoided with regular maintenance. A Dichristopher Appliance Repair Tampa will fix most brands and models of refrigerators and freezers including Whirlpool, General Electric, Kenmore, Amana, Maytag, Jenn-Air, Frigidaire, Sub Zero, Kitchen Aide, Magic Chef and Roper. If you need refrigerator repair service due to cooling problems, broken ice makers, leaks, or other problems, call A DiChristopher  Appliance Repair service, Tampa Bay. We will make your refrigerator/freezer run well again.

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