Addressing Common Problems With Refrigerators

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If you are experiencing problems you’re your refrigerator system, you want answers now and want the issue fixed sooner rather than later. We here at Dichristopher Appliance Repair understand this and strive to provide all our customers with fast, reliable, affordable repair services. Of all the  issues homeowners call us about, these are the three most common problems with refrigerators that we get:

Noisy Refrigerator

If you are experiencing problems with a noisy refrigerator there could be several reasons- the two most common causes that we diagnose and repair here at Dichristopher are as follows:

  • Condenser Fan Motor

Modern refrigerators are designed to have a system for cooling that includes a fan-cooled condenser coil. Commonly found on the bottom rear of the refrigerator, it can be difficult to access which is why many customers call us when they have this issue. The condenser fan motor and coil system both help pull heat from the system and keeps things from overheating.

  • Evaporator Fan Motor

The evaporator fan motor also helps with cooling of the freezer components and ensures internal components stay cool. If your refrigerator system is making a loud noise in the freezer compartment area, this may be the cause. If you have a noisy freezer system or notice things are not staying frozen, then give us a call and let us diagnose and repair your system.

Water Leaking

If you are experiencing problems with water leaking from your refrigerators, there could be several reasons- the three most common causes we see being as follows:

  • Gaskets and Seals

Door gaskets or seals help keep the doors of the fridge and freezer tightly closed. When the gaskets and seals get damaged they cannot form the tight seal needed to keep moisture inside. If there is moisture on the door, dripping down from the freezer door, or on the floor directly under the refrigerator door, you may have a sealing issue that needs to be addressed.

  • Water Inlet Valve

This valve is a specially designed solenoid-operated device and makes it possible for the ice maker and water dispensing systems of your refrigerator to pull water from your home’s water supply. It is most commonly found at the rear of the fridge on the lower area near the floor. When it is damaged, water can leak out inside or outside the refrigerators system.

  • Ice Maker

There are several issues that can arise with the ice maker that can lead to water leak problems. If the ice maker becomes clogged the water being pulled to make more ice can back up and lead out into the freezer. Ice that does not fully dispense can melt and the water leak out the ice dispersal area. Also, cracks in the ice maker itself can result in melting ice problems.

Won’t Start/Run

If you are experiencing problems with your refrigerator not running or shutting off randomly, there could be several reasons- two common reasons we see here at Dichristopher include:

  • Problems With Overload Relay

The overload relay part of the complex compressor circuit is an important part of your refrigerator system. Power directed to the compressor motor causes motors to turn and the compressor fan to kick on. If the fans don’t run and the compressor won’t start, then you should call our repair team out so we can diagnose your issue and get it fixed by offering the finest in Tampa appliance repairs.

  • Temperature Control Issues

The temperature control switch is the device that helps regulate the temperature of your refrigerator. It supplies power to the compressor and fan circuits found in modern refrigerators. When this system fails the refrigerator can overheat, which causes burnouts and the inability of the system to run. This can be a difficult fix to do on your own, so it’s best to call in the experts.

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To get help with your refrigerator repair needs, call us today.  We are here to help so stop trying to figure things out on your own and get the necessary repairs done today. Common refrigerator problems can be a real pain but we are here to help and our team has experience working on every make and model so you can be assured your refrigerators are in good hands!

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