Why You Need to Clean Your Appliances Regularly

appliances in the new home

“Regular cleaning of your kitchen appliances is essential to help prevent build-up and future problems. Most of your kitchen appliances tend to have handles, switches, and buttons where spilled food or grease can easily accumulate. Cleaning your kitchen appliances on a regular basis will ensure that they are completely free of dirt, germs and any grime that may cause malfunctions… Keep in mind that seeking a professional for assistance for detailed cleaning or repair for your equipment is always the best solution” (Cleaning Kitchen Appliances).  Here at A Dichristopher Appliance Repair, we are committed to providing the finest service to all of our customers and this includes helping to clean your appliances.

Keeping Your Appliances Clean

No matter the appliance or what your needs are, we can take care of all your repair and maintenance needs. However, routine cleaning behind your appliances is a must, as it can not only keep them running properly, it can help protect you and our family.


Oven– The oven needs to be thoroughly cleaned out every few months to prevent a buildup of burned bits. If this gets thick on the bottom of the oven it poses a fire hazard. Build up of debris on the coils and internal circuits can cause shorts in the electrical system as well.


Washer- A washer does a lot of work day in and day out and while soap and water are at the heart of how it works, it still needs to be cleaned. Using a diluted vinegar mix can clean inside and moving the washer out from the wall makes cleaning out dust bunnies a cinch! It’s important to take care of your appliances and we are here to help!


Dryer- There will be warning signs if the dryer stops working right as clothes stay wet even after several cycles. Most people remember to clean the lint trap but many homeowners neglect the exhaust duct and forget to clear out lint and dust from under and behind it as well. This is a simple yet huge step to making sure you clean your appliances properly.


Dishwasher-  It is difficult to clean out behind your dishwasher since it is usually set into your countertop area. But you can still clean under it as much as possible to keep dust and dirt from building up. You also should clean the food trap weekly so things are running smoothly. Call us with any questions or problems you may have and we will be there in a flash!


Refrigerator- Even though it may be a challenge, moving your refrigerator out from the wall now and then is a good idea. Cleaning up food, trash, spills, and dust bunnies keep things working as they should. The vents and electrical system especially need regular cleaning.

Every week or so the microwave needs to be moved and cleaned well behind and underneath. Food and trash can accumulate and if the microwave gets too hot this can pose a fire hazard. Also, it can limit airflow and lead to burnout of the microwave itself so make sure you clean your appliances often!


Contact Us For Your Appliance Needs

Here at A Dichristopher Appliance Repair, we are committed to providing the finest service to all of our customers. If you have any questions or concerns about the maintenance and repair work needed for your home appliances, give us a call. We can answer your questions and give you everything you need to keep things running in tip-top shape all year long. Call now to get started!