Top Load and Front Load Washing Machines

Top load washing machines and front load washing machines in Tampa and Tampa Bay

Washing Machines: An Abundance of Choices

Not so long ago, a Tampa Bay homeowner’s choices were limited when it came time to purchase a washing machine. You could only get a top loading washing machine. The front load washer existed, but they were only available for commercial use.

Today, things are different. In part, the change has come about thanks to concerns about energy efficiency. Almost without exception, a washing machine purchased today will come with an Energy Star label. The Energy Star label indicates that the washer meets energy-efficiency standards and that these standards have been met without compromising the effectives with which the washing machine performs its function.

As choices have expanded over the last decade, front load washing machines have become available for the home. This can leave a homeowner asking, “What’s the best washer? Should I buy a top load washer or a front load washer for my Tampa home?”

Top load and front load washing machines in Tampa and Tampa Bay

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to that question. But to aid you in making the choice that’s right for you, here’s a comparison of top load washers vs. front load washers.

Top Load Washing Machines

For some older purchasers, a top load washing machine offers the virtue of familiarity and sometimes simplicity. If you’re selecting one, bear in mind that the old-fashioned kind of top load washer with the center-post agitator often does an inferior job as compared to newer high-efficiency models. Those newer models have more capacity and a faster spin cycle. That means they can wash more clothes at once while using less water. Because they use less water, clothes don’t have to spend as long in the dryer, and so there’s a gain in energy efficiency there as well.

Front Load Washing Machines

Front load washers are built tough and generally last a long time. Some people find them more visually appealing. They spin faster and use less water than top load washers, which makes them more energy efficient. They have new features that provide more options as to exactly how you do your laundry. These include programmable settings for specific types of clothing and steam washing that gets clothes cleaner and attacks stains, options that often turn out to be time savers.

Selecting a Washing Machine: Further Considerations

When selecting a washer (or dryer), bear in mind that it needs to fit the available space and you need to get to it easily. The most high-tech washer with the most amazing state-of-the-art features might not be the right choice for you if you’re going to have trouble loading and unloading it.

When Washing Machines Break Down

In the end, one thing is indisputable. Even the most durable washer will give you trouble eventually. You hope that will be many years after you bought it, but it will happen someday.

When it does break down, we hope you’ll call A Dichristopher Appliance Repair. We’re family owned and operated and have been providing high-quality service to Tampa Bay for over 18 years. Our certified, knowledgeable technicians service most major appliances brands including Whirlpool, Maytag, and Kenmore. We offer one-day service in most cases, emergency service when required, and affordable, competitive prices to fourteen Tampa Bay communities: North Tampa, South Tampa, Carrollwood, Forest Hills, Land O Lakes, Forest Hills, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Odessa, Trinity, Town ‘N Country, Citrus Park, Temple Terrace, Thonotosassa, and Zephyrhills.